About Us

We are...


INSPO is a student-led, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization enabling other students to reach their maximum learning potential. We are a team compiled of students in KatyISD high schools that aspire to close the education gap preventing other students from gaining knowledge due to economic instability or location. INSPO’s main objective is to break through the barriers of the American education system and to aid underprivileged adolescents and teens in pursuing their academic passions. We will provide encouragement for these kids to reach their maximum potential by having donation drives, fundraisers, benefit events, tutoring sessions, and scholarship opportunities. As well as advocate and bring awareness to the education gap within our community. As a youth-led organization, we hope to connect with the students we assist by making them our priority and through our movement #studentshelpingstudents.

Meet Our Executive Board

Get to know the students behind INSPO's creative events, drives, and fundraisers:

Grace Zhang


Grace is currently a junior at Seven Lakes High School. She is passionate about youth advocacy and enjoys art, speech & debate, and pageantry in her free time.

Tofunmi Jewesimi


Tofunmi is currently a junior at Seven Lakes High School. She enjoys giving back to her community, and other hobbies such as speech & debate and fashion.

Jaden Wang


Jaden is a junior at Seven Lakes High School. He enjoys singing and playing guitar for his family and church. He wishes to utilize his resources, background, and traits to lend a hand to the less privileged.

Karen Cui

Event Coordinator

Karen is currently a sophomore at Jordan High School. Outside of school, she’s passionate about teaching and mentoring younger kids about her knowledge of her multiple hobbies such as art and speech & debate.

Alice Xu


Alice is currently a sophomore at Seven Lakes High School. Her passions are in education and STEM, and also enjoys music and the outdoors.

Danielle Okuseinde

Technology Manager

Danielle is a junior at Seven Lakes High School who is involved in activities such as orchestra and Science Olympiad. She likes to bike, watch movies, and listen to music.

Gayathri Ballingham


Gayathri is a junior at Tompkins High School in Katy, Texas as well as the historian for INSPO. Her other various passions include the viola, journalism, and advocating for period poverty.

Crystal Huang

Administrative Associate

Crystal is currently a junior at Seven Lakes High School. She is a strong advocate for education and enjoys orchestra, dance, and spending time with friends and family in her free time.

Ted Sui

Administrative Associate

Ted is a junior at Seven Lakes High School. He enjoys playing golf and reading. He wishes to use his resources and skills to lend a hand to those who need it